Harry Styles Gets Solo Advice From Take That’s Gary Barlow

If Harry Styles is seriously considering a departure from One Direction, then he might want to think again.

Rumors have swirled around the internet over the past few weeks that Styles wants to bid farewell to the boy band to begin the quest for a solo career. In fact, some folks believe the recent purchase of a house in Los Angeles was specifically for this purpose.

According to Mstars, former Take That singer Gary Barlow believes Harry needs to reconsider leaving One Direction in the rear view mirror. In his opinion, sticking with his “brothers” until the bitter end is the best thing he can do for his career.

In Barlow’s humble opinion, it’s way too early for someone in One Direction to think about abandoning ship. If Harry wants to pursue a solo career, then he should put everything on hold until the band has essentially run its course.

“There will be rows in a band, but you’re brothers. They might be close sometimes and sometimes not, but it’s part of the foundations,” the former Take That singer recently told The Sun.

He continued, “The boys have to take care of one another and look after one another. You’re having an amazing run and it’s brilliant. You can’t walk away from that. Why would you?”

Although stories about Harry Styles and his desire to go solo have popped up on various websites, the singer has yet to discuss the matter publicly this year. Not surprisingly, that left the door wide open for insiders and anonymous sources to run wild with rumors and reports.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Styles joined forces with singer-songwriter John Legend to pen what he described as a “lovely” tune. However, it’s unclear if the track in question was for a future One Direction album or a possible solo venture.

“We got together for a few hours and wrote what I think is a really lovely song. I’d love to write with him again as he is a very great guy and very talented. He has some really great lyrical ideas and is a very good songwriter,” Legend explained.

Another rumor recently suggested that Styles wants to follow in the footsteps of former ‘N Sync singer Justin Timberlake. This reportedly includes an extremely successful solo career and the occasional foray into motion pictures.

“He’s already been writing for Kodaline and [The X Factor USA winners] Alex and Sierra, and recording solo demos. He wants to act, too, and he can’t get the real gig if he stays in a boy band that 12 year olds like,” an anonymous source said.

The insider added, “He loves 1D, but he feels it could limit his longevity. He asked Kendall [Jenner]: ‘How many boy bands do you know that keep going for more than five years?'”

Do you agree with Gary Barlow that Harry Styles should remain with One Direction for as long as possible?