Tornado Season’s Here, First Threats Of Severe Weather This Week In The Midwest

Tornado Season

Tornado season is upon us, and with it comes many concerns from those in areas prone to sever weather.

According to The Weather Channel, tornadoes can occur almost anywhere in the world and at any time of the year, though the unique geography of the United States reportedly “helps to produce some of the most favorable conditions for their development.”

“The months with the greatest number of tornadoes overall are April, May, and June, but tornadoes can and do occur during any month of the year. Tornado seasons vary in different parts of the United States. In the Southeast, the peak season for tornadoes is February through April. In the northern Plains, tornadoes are most likely to develop from June through August. Generally, tornado frequency is high in the South in late winter and early spring; and in the Plains, Midwest, and Ohio Valley from early spring through summer.”

Many places throughout the Midwest are preparing for the possibilities of tornadoes and other severe weather according to reports such as Reuters. The report stated that the National Weather Service has spotted an intense storm system moving through the Midwest region on Wednesday through Thursday.

Meteorologist John Hart has stated that the area with the greatest risk of severe weather, including the possibility of tornado’s, include Oklahoma, Arkansas, southern Missouri and Illinois along with western Kentucky and Tennessee.

“The parameters look pretty good for tornadic storms tomorrow, but the models are varying quite a bit on where the corridor of greatest risk will be,” Hart said.

According to the Pontiac Daily Leader, “the first confusing aspect of tornado season is differentiating between a tornado watch and warning.” A tornado watch is when weather conditions are favorable to produce tornadoes, though no actual tornadoes have been spotted. A tornado warning is issued after a tornado has been spotted on the ground.

With tornado season officially off the ground, and with the possibility of severe weather over the next couple of days, places hit hard by last year’s tornado season are being warned to having their safety plans ready this evening according to the Examiner, as they are predicting heavy storm by early evening in places such as Oklahoma.

“There is a 60 percent chance of severe weather tonight. The threat of tornadoes starts about 6 pm. It should end about midnight. Hail can be as large as baseballs. In addition to the possible tornadoes and hail as big as baseballs, there is also the possibility of heavy rain. Areas in north and northeastern Oklahoma can expect up to three inches of rain.”

Last year the state of Oklahoma was hit hard during Tornado season. One of the most notable events was the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma on May 20. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, the tornado ripped through multiple cities and had a death toll of over 50.

With the first threats of tornado’s happening this week, it’s important to stay informed and to have a safety plan in place so you and your family are prepared for any severe weather that may cross your path.

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