Liam Payne Doesn’t Have A Six Pack, But He’s Working On It

Liam Payne is probably a little tired of reading about his weight online.

The One Direction singer recently made headlines because people keep calling the poor guy “fat” on social media. Although Payne is pretty far from overweight — several photos making the rounds definitely suggest he’s in pretty good shape — this hasn’t stopped some people from giving the singer a very hard time.

In fact, all of this talk about Liam Payne and his fatness prompted fellow One Direction heartthrob Louis Tomlinson to send a message to a fan about the situation. In short: The band has no trouble separating the fans from the troublemakers.

Whoever said @Real_Liam_Payne is fat, do you even have eyes??

— Follow us back pls! (@HNLZL_OneDirect) March 27, 2014

“Hey Louis can you please tell Liam to stop listening to all the bulls** on Twitter and that actual fans aren’t saying these things. None of it’s true and I hate that it hurts him,” the fan told Tomlinson in a direct message on Twitter.

“Don’t worry love we know what to believe and we know you guys support us. You don’t realize how much we f***ing love you guys!” he replied.

According to the folks at Sugarscape, Liam Payne must have taken some of these comments to heart. Even though he’s not fat, that doesn’t mean these words don’t sting. The singer recently told Heat magazine that he’s getting his body in tip-top shape.

“We’ve been working out a bit. I try and push myself a bit more every day. But there’s definitely no six pack at the mo. Working on it,” the singer told the publication.

Despite the constant attention his waistline seems to get these days, Liam seems to take most of these comments in stride. In fact, he fought back against the haters by issuing a few tongue-in-cheek tweets shortly after people started making fun of him online. Take a look at some of the guy’s reactions below.

Let this Liam Payne situation serve as a lesson to you, folks. Even though it might sound fun to rip into your favorite celebrities on social media, there’s always a chance they could stumble across what you’ve written. Considering these people are out there trying to entertain us, try to cut them some slack. You never know when it’s your turn to battle the haters.

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