Putin Divorce: Rumor Claims Russian Leader Is Gay, Finds Sex ‘Alien’

Putin Divorce: Rumor Claims Russian Leader Is Gay, Finds Sex 'Alien'

The Vladimir Putin divorce has been finalized, and despite widespread rumors that the split was caused by the Russian president’s affair, another source said there was a deeper reason for the marriage ending.

Putin’s divorce from his wife 30 years was finalized this week, coming after his sudden split from wife Lyudmila last summer.

At the time, Putin said the divorce was civilized and called the split “a joint decision.”

“We practically never see each other,” he said.

While many have claimed that the affair with Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva was the cause of the Putin divorce, a new biography claims it was actually Vladimir’s concealed homosexuality that brought an end to the marriage.

The new book, Putin, makes other claims including that the Russian president is a “lonely” person who prefers the company of animals to other humans. Writer and political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky wrote that Putin is actually homosexual and actually finds sex “alien.”

“Putin was born the son of an alcoholic two years before his official birth date. His mother had moved to Georgia with Vladimir, only for the child to be shunted off to Leningrad a short time later to the couple who would become the official parents of the future president,” Belkovsky wrote.

The writer adds that the story of the affair with Kabaeva was orchestrated by Putin’s public relations team to elevate his sexual prowess and deflect attention from his homosexuality. A spokesman for Putin has dismissed the allegations as “total rubbish.”

Along with dismissing the report that Vladimir Putin is gay, officials also said the Putin divorce was not the result of an affair. One publication that furthered claims of the Kabaeva affair was even shut down in 2008.