Imagine Dragons Know Their Sports: Talk LeBron James And Chicago Cubs

Niki Cruz

Imagine Dragons are currently on top of the world as one of this year's biggest rock pop bands. They've dominated top 40 radio, made a few memorable live appearances, and are heading up a few festival circuits. Over the last two years, the rock band, specifically frontman Dan Reynolds have proved worth in the industry.

Surprisingly, rock music isn't Imagine Dragons' only specialty. The members of the band spoke with about sports, and as it turns out, they know more than a thing of two about the subject. In an interesting angle, frontman Dan Reynolds and drummer Daniel Platzman, expressed just how much the world wide of sports has in common with music.

Imagine Dragons' drummer Daniel Platzman said that he really wants Steph Curry to have an anthem from the band's catalog.

"I'm a really big fan of Steph Curry, he plays for the Golden State Warriors. He's like a video game, watching him play. He basically weaves through traffic, throws [the ball] up and somehow hits [the shot]. I think 'Underdog' would be a cool theme for Steph Curry and the Warriors."

Like most NBA discussions, the chat turned to talk about LeBron James, who in recent years has been an icon of sorts on the court. Imagine Dragons' frontman had a lot to say about LeBron James' pre-game routine of listening to their hit single "Radioactive."

"That was really cool. I was a big fan of LeBron, I still am a fan of LeBron. I watched his documentary when I was in high school with my buddies. He's not that much older than me. He's like maybe a couple of years older than me. To follow somebody and watch their career blossom and then see that they're listening to your music is cool."

"I would love them to win [the World Series]. I mean, poor Cubs." As it stands the Cubs haven't won a series since 1908.

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