Cody Simpson Gets Covered With Slime During The Kids' Choice Awards [Photos]

Cody Simpson might be a really good-looking guy, but that doesn't mean he's too adorable to get slimed.

The pop singer found himself at the mercy of the green goo during his appearance at the Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards over the weekend. Since harmless misery simply adores company, Cody didn't have to go it alone.

Cody Simpson Kids' Choice Awards

According to Just Jared, fellow pop star Austin Mahone joined Simpson on-stage during the annual awards ceremony. Viewers at home were given the opportunity to vote for the guy they believed deserved the slime. Unfortunately for the duo, people thought both of them would look good in green.

Curious to see what Cody Simpson looks like when he's covered in official Nickelodeon-produced slime? Check out the images below.

Cody Simpson and Austin Mahone weren't the only guys who got slimed during the event. Pharrell Williams and host Mark Wahlberg also found their clothes completely covered in goop during the ceremony. Although Wahlberg famously declared himself "unslimeable," he ultimately faced the goo by the end of the show.

Mark Wahlberg Kids' Choice Awards

If watching Simpson get drenched into slime isn't your cup of televised tea, then at least you still have Dancing with the Stars to gawk right now. Unfortunately for hardcore Cody fans, the guy probably won't take off his shirt at any point during the competition.

"No, I'm not gonna be taking my shirt off anytime soon. I'm actually not into that, I want to focus on the dancing," the singer recently told Hollywood Life.

Cody also said that his pop music background doesn't necessarily mean he's going to emerge victorious during this season of DWTS. He explained, "Obviously I have some kind of head start because I know how to perform and I know how to move in general, but the ballroom stuff is a totally new ball game. It's a totally new way of moving."

Despite devoting a fair amount of time to the dance competition, Cody Simpson is apparently working on some new music. Unfortunately for fans, it's still a little too early to say when he intends to put the album on the market.