‘Homestar Runner’ Updates After Three Years

Homestar Runner, the site that introduced a whole generation to wasting their time on the internet, has finally updated after three years! The irony is it was yesterday, April Fools Day, and it is no joke!

According to Tube Filter, Mike and Matt Chapman’s creation was one of the first great web series, scoring millions of viewers back when Youtube was nothing but a dream to Chad Hurley. Fans of the site fell in love with the idiotic-yet-loveable Homestar Runner and the rest of the characters in the colorful, weird world.

The best part of the Homestar Runner, which brought fans back including this writer, was easily Strong Bad’s emails. Fans would email Strong Bad with their inquiries. The response would be chronicled in an epic flash video for all to see. Even the splash screen (remember those), at one time, had Homestar Runner interrupted by Strong Bad, where he’d say the only reason people come to the site is because of him. Homestar Runner adds to the hilarity by following up, “He’s right you know.”

HSR and Company

How Homestar Runner recently updated is unique too. April Fools Day is usually set for news and jokes 1.) not be taken seriously or 2.) trick people. Homestar Runner’s update is not even a joke. It was legit, and many fans were happy to see their favorite armless main character appear back on the computer screen. It is seen on the splash screen, in which Homestar Runner shows off his admirable idiocracy until Strong Bad comes on. Once he appears, the nostalgia of entertaining time-wasting kicks into full gear concluding with a ridiculous song performed off-key.

Fans are treated with even more fan service, if they get to the end of the splash screen update. Homestar Runner now offers a Windows 98 Homestar Runner or Strong Bad theme. The fact that it is still based off Windows 98 shows how old this site really is.

Homestar Runner fans also need to know this isn’t a finale. There will be other updates from Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and the rest of the crew as mentioned at the end of the update. Please take note of the dialogue between Homestar Runner and Strong Bad:

Homestar: Thanks for updating the web site with me Strong Bad
Strong Bad: Yeah! That wasn’t so bad. We should do that again soon.
Homestar: Like, 3 years soon, or 5 years soon?
Strong Bad: Five.. ten… fifty. Eh. You know, whatever it takes.

[Featured image via screen capture of latest Homestar Runner update]
[Article image via Homestar Runner free media]