Zac Efron: Director Adam Shankman Believes The Actor Has ‘Gotten A Little Sloppy’ [Rumor]

Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron is on a dangerous path towards self-destruction, according to sources.

A few of the High School Musical alum’s friends are a little worried about some of the stuff that’s happened to the guy in recent days. The actor’s violent encounter with a few hobos in the Skid Row section of Los Angeles led many to believe he’s slowly but surely throwing his career down the proverbial drain.

Showbiz Spy reports that Hairspray director Adam Shankman has offered to become the troubled heartthrob’s sobriety coach. Shankman, who has struggled with his own problems in recent months, recently completed a program a facility in California. According to insiders, the filmmaker wants his friend to seek professional help as soon as possible.

“Adam sees that Zac isn’t on a great path and has even gotten a little sloppy lately. And since they’ve been friends for years. Adam has reached out to Zac and is trying to get him into the same program he completed at Passages in Malibu,” one of those anonymous sources recently told Radar Online.

The insider added, “Adam really believes in Passages and just wants to see Zac get back into good health. Zac has so much to offer and Adam would hate to see him throw away his career.”

The filmmaker isn’t the only person interested in lending Efron a helping hand. Hollywood Life reports that High School Musical classmate Vanessa Hudgens wants to get the actor the help he needs to get his life and career back on the right track.

“Vanessa feels bad about Zac’s troubles but they have definitely moved very far a part from when they were a couple,” an entirely different insider told the website.

The source continued, “They have rarely if at all talked with each other since their breakup. She doesn’t really want to get into it and is not really reaching out because she knows he won’t listen to her.”

If any of this information is true — it’s always hard to tell when you’re dealing with anonymous sources — then at least Efron has a few people in his corner these days. However, the actor has yet to officially comment on the rumors of his addiction issues as of this writing.

Are you a fan of Zac Efron? What do you think about Adam Shankman and Vanessa Hudgens offering to help the guy get his life and career back in order?

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