Watch Chelsea FC Vs. Paris Football Match Live Online, UEFA Champions League

Fans can watch the Chelsea FC vs. Paris football match live online as the teams face off in the UEFA Champions League round of eight.

The game is new ground for Paris Saint-Germain, who don’t have much experience in the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League. Coach Laurent Blanc said he doesn’t think the team’s lack of experience will hurt much against Chelsea, however.

“It’s very exciting for a manager to be involved in this kind of project – just as it is for any player,” he said. “Everything about our development is going very fast, but we need to gain experience for Europe and that takes time. On the domestic front we have done very well: we met our targets in a very short period of time. However, in European competition we are among the least experienced clubs remaining. We will need time to be a regular player at the top level. Games like these are very important steps along the way to getting there.”

The match takes place at 8:45 pm local time from Paris.

Fans who watch the Chelsea FC vs. Paris football match live online will see two teams with very different styles of play. While Chelsea is more inclined to counterattack, Paris is a possession-oriented team.


Chelsea manager José Mourinho said his team is well aware of just how dangerous Paris can be.

“Paris has a team full of fantastic attacking players, not to mention the other ones,” Mourinho said. “I could speak for hours about Thiago [Motta]. The offensive players are what really make the difference at this level. Of the remaining teams in the last eight all are good, with great structures and a good philosophy. But on top of that, you have the likes of [Lionel] Messi, Zlatan [Ibrahimović], [Robert] Lewandowski, Diego Costa, [Edinson] Cavani, [Ezequiel] Lavezzi. Those are the players who make the difference, and they have a lot of them.”

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