‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 2: Episode 1 Asks ‘Call Of Duty’ Gamers To Rape Her [Video]

'Inside Amy Schumer' Season 2: Episode 1 Asks 'Call Of Duty' Gamers To Rape Her [Video]

Inside Amy Schumer Season 2 has launched with a bang… or at least a crude reference to sex. In episode one Amy has already asked guys if they would “bang” her and even created a scenario where Call Of Duty gamers could rape her.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Inside Amy Schumer Season 1 made her a main name at Comedy Central after her debut was a hit.

Critics were at first questioning whether Schumer could pull off combining a feminist message and comedy. After all, Comedy Central’s core audience is 60 percent males, but as it turns out the first season managed to garner a 50 percent guy audience. Now some might be wondering if the aggressive tone of Inside Amy Schumer Season 2 might put off some of the previous followers.

Among Amy’s first targets is sexism in the video game industry. Even though female gamers account for 45 percent of the hardcore crowd, and Call Of Duty players are supposedly 25 percent women, only four percent of the main characters of the 25 biggest games of the year are female. This is why we wrote an article suggesting that Assassin’s Creed should have a female lead for one of the main games.

The Call Of Duty: Ghosts trailer that featured Megan Fox as a sex symbol probably comes to mind when Amy Schumer decided how to open Episode 1 of Season 2. The segment begins with Amy asking a group of guys if they would have sex with her and then watched the resulting discussion through a one-way glass. She then takes things up another notch by having gamers play a Call Of Duty-like where the game has a 3D version of Amy Schumer raped. The game then asks:

“You were just assaulted by a fellow soldier. Do you wish to report? Yes. Are you sure? Did you know he has a family? Does that change your mind about reporting?”

Of course, Amy won’t be dishing out on politically charged subjects all the time. A sketch in episode 3 is called “Wireless Bummers” and has her character struggling to contact Time Warner after her internet goes out. Even though other sections will feature sex columnists, phone sex operators, and porn movie editors she promises it’s not all about sex:

“No question, that’s an angle of the marketing, and I’m not someone who’s shied away from that. But the show has a lot more to offer than that. And it’s a comedy. You’ll laugh if you let yourself enjoy it.”

What do you think about the message that Inside Amy Schumer Season 2 is trying to bring to Call Of Duty gamers?