Lorde Reveals Her Real and Raw Beauty Without Makeup

Who would have ever thought that Lorde, a 17-year-old girl, posting a picture of herself with no makeup on Instagram would cause such an overwhelming event in the media? It would seem to be a phenomenon. News Flash Alert: Lorde took a picture of herself sitting on her bed in Paris, hair piled up on to of her head, no makeup, and God forbid, wearing acne cream. She then posted this picture to Instagram, where within twenty-four hours she had over 95,000 likes as reported by HuffingtonPost.com. Is this really newsworthy?

Lorde is certainly a talented girl and her voice is very mature for her young age. And she has made quite a name for herself in the music industry having won multiple Grammy Awards. It is almost as if Lorde popped up from out of nowhere. But, she didn’t. Lorde was born in New Zealand as Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Wikipedia.com reveals that due to her enthrallment with Royalty, she came up with the name Lorde as her stage name.

At the tender age of thirteen, Lorde won her local school talent contest, and as a result, her father sent recordings of her winning performance to talent scouts. One scout, Scott Maclachlan, recognized Lorde’s potential right away and signed her with Universal. At that point, she began collaborating in songwriting and Royals came into being. That was Lorde’s first big hit and many more are continuing to follow.

Lorde is very unique in her ideas, thoughts and opinions. She has always had an obsession with royalty, and in an interview with Vice.com, Lorde revealed, “I’ve always been into that stuff since I was a little kid. I used to write out all their family trees and everything!” And now that interest has progressed to high profile celebrities and how they royally screw up.

Although Lorde enjoys being theatrical on stage and admits that because of her love for fashion, she enjoys wearing things that make her feel grand. So, it is no surprise that fans will see her wearing long dresses with chunky heels as Lorde told Vice.com.

Offstage, however, is a different matter. Lorde is known to show up at the recording studio in jeans and a tee shirt without wearing any makeup. Lorde wants her fans to know that it is ok to have flaws. HuffingtonPost.com stated that Lorde has struggled with insecurities in the past.

That is what prompted Lorde to post the Instagram picture to her over 700 thousand followers. HuffingtonPost.com said that last month’s issue of Rookie magazine, Lorde stated, “It’s so hard, especially when you put yourself out there creatively,” she said. “Just take pride in what you do. Take photos of yourself wearing super weird clothes and love how it looks and be happy with that and be happy if other people hate them, ’cause sometimes there’s some fun in that too. [Laughs] But that’s a hard one, and everyone deals with it on some level.”

Kudos to Lorde for showing that she is still just an ordinary 17-year-old teenage girl who struggles with the same flaws and issues as her teenage fans, acne and all. So, is this newsworthy as I asked before? Yes. Because she shows that being normal is cool.