Anel Baez, Mexican Teenager Stabbed 65 Times By Best Friend Over Facebook Photos

Anel Baez

Tragedy struck the northern Mexican town on Guamichil when a teenager was stabbed to death by her friend over a Facebook related tiff. 16-year-old Anel Baez was killed on March 19, allegedly by her best friend Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez, also 16. The two had a fight over some objectionable photos the former had posted. According to Mexican portal Notus, trouble started after Anel Baez posted nude photos of herself and Elizabeth on Facebook. The photos were reportedly taken when both of them were attending high school, reports the New York Daily News.

Elizabeth was upset over the “humiliating” photos that Anel Baez had uploaded and wanted revenge for the same. The two fought over the photos and Elizabeth had several times in her now-deleted Twitter account spoke openly about the resentment she had against Anel. In a tweet sent out by her on February 23, Elizabeth says to Anel; “It may seem very calm, but in my head, I’ve killed you at least three times.” She repeated it again with another tweet on March 8 where she talks about killing Anel Baez.

A Facebook photo of Anel Baez and Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez during happier times.

On the day of the killing, on March 19, Elizabeth visited Anel Baez’s home knowing that she would be alone there. Anel, surprised at her ex friend’s arrival, welcomed her, probably in order to work out their differences. The twp went to Anel Baez’s room upstairs where they talked. In the midst of this, Elizabeth said she wanted to go to the bathroom and went away as Anel lay on her bed watching TV. Instead of going to the bathroom, however, Elizabeth barged into the kitchen, got hold of a knife and hid it under a bunch of clothes. She returned to the bedroom and stabbed Anel Baez viciously, over 65 times according to reports. The stabbing continued until Anel Baez was lifeless. After Anel was killed, Elizabeth tried to clean up the blood stains in the area and quickly made her escape. She also reportedly tweeted about the killing using her Twitter account. “I am an a**hole” and “OMG I did it”, some of the tweets said.

After the death of Anel, Elizabeth posted regretful messages that talked about the death of her friend. Many of their common friends however accused Elizabeth of killing Anel. Elizabeth had the audacity to visit the funeral of Anel Baez, along with her mother from where police arrested her. She has been charged with murder of Anel Baez. However, being a minor, she is only expected to receive a seven year sentence, if convicted.

[Images via Facebook]