‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Brings Five Big Reveals

How I Met Your Mother

In sickness and in health, fans of How I Met Your Mother waited nine seasons, whether it is through binge watching or watching after nine years, for the final moment where Ted meets “the mother.” Due to the nature of the flashback storytelling that series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas started, and Ted’s enthusiasm for telling mysteries, some viewers expected that a few loose strings would be tied up in the hour episode.

For the most part some of the little questions were met with unexpected answers (the Cockamouse lives!), but some of those moments still hang in the balance. Even though the series finale was met with a whole gamut of emotions from its fans and critics, the big moments whether the viewer agrees with them or not, were all addressed.

Here’s our top five reveals from the series finale of How I Met Your Mother:

1. Barney and Robin get divorced

After building a season of 22 episodes around Barney and Robin’s wedding, which would lead up to the couple’s vows, it took the creators a few minutes to unravel their relationship and prove their major fears were in fact a reality — that they wouldn’t work. In the end, Barney couldn’t compete with Robin’s soaring career, and the constant traveling put a damper on their relationship. Not only that but it made the couple realize that their needs ultimately came before each other and there was no compromise. Although this proves that both characters couldn’t change their core for each other, fans of the couple shouldn’t feel too bad because according to Barney it was a marriage that succeeded for three years. Moving on.

2. Barney has a daughter

Out of all the women Barney slept with, it was girl 31 that would introduce the real love of his life — his daughter Ellie. Barney goes to the gang who are still enjoying a match of Robots Versus Wrestlers years later, to tell them about the worst thing that happened to him. A few scenes later and it’s Barney cradling his newborn daughter Ellie that puts the series’ sentimental stamp on the episode as the reformed womanizer greets his daughter with the touching sentiment, “You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.”

3. Lily and Marshall have another baby

Even years after “renewing” their vows at Barney and Robin’s wedding Marshmallow and Lilypad still got it. The big reveal for this couple is that they had a third child. While it was unexpected, it wasn’t quite surprising because if there was ever a couple in the series, or in sitcom history that would overcome their struggles and continue with their adorable banter, it was Marshall and Lily. With a love like theirs we’re surprised they didn’t have a soccer team of gentle giants.

4. The Mother’s name

After being introduced to the mother throughout this whole season, and seeing some of the bigger moments in flashbacks between the mother and Ted, there was still a big payoff to witness and that was their first meeting. For a whole year fans of the show knew that Ted would officially meet the mother at the Farhampton train station, but we didn’t know how it would all unfold. Some of the magic that How I Met Your Mother created during their nine-season run was captured when both Ted and the mother realized that not only did they share the same umbrella (something viewers knew all along), but they also shared something else. As they faux fought over the umbrella in the pouring rain it was revealed that Ted Mosby had the same initials as his future wife and mother of his children — Tracy McConnell.

5. It was always about Robin

While Tracy McConnell was one of Ted Mosby’s great loves, she was also a storytelling device that would ultimately put Ted back together with Robin in 2030. Seen as a running gag critics and fans addressed the creepy factor in Ted’s narrative. Throughout Ted’s telling of how he met Penny and Luke’s mother, his children had to endure an awful lot of talk about his love for their aunt Robin and their will they won’t they saga. It looked like things were over for good an episode before the series finale. Ted explained to an unsure Robin minutes before she got married that he was not the person she belonged with anymore. Things were different and he had changed. The story of his happily ever after with the mother was set into motion — and then in the last five minutes of the finale it’s revealed that the mother died six years before Ted starts telling the story. When he finally gets to telling his kids about their Farhampton moment, they are puzzled. Like the viewers reluctantly pointed out for years, this wasn’t the story about how Ted met the mother, it was about the little moments in between and most of them involved Ted’s inherent love for Robin. The children tell Ted that this story was more about getting their permission to date their aunt Robin, and how he “totally has the hots for aunt Robin.” The children, who are probably more relieved that their father is done telling the never-ending story enthusiastically tell him to go for it.

Cue the blue French horn.