Spring Break Travel: Florida? California? Mexico? Top Beaches! Get Warm!!!

Ah, Spring Break, that joyous care free time of leisure and outdoor recreation! Whether it’s sun, sand and surf; lakes, mountains and meadows; or even pool, yard and Slip ‘N Slide, Spring Break forms the gateway to the Summer, and good times to come.

Spring Break Family

With no guarantee of warmth, sunshine or swim suit conditions where you reside, travel and picking a Spring Break destination may be required. In fact, with much of the United States still snowed in, Spring Break means heading for the coast, and for many that kind of Spring Break can’t come soon enough.

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Taking a look around the web you’ll find all kinds of tips and suggestions for Spring Break Travel and how to make your Spring Break one to remember. But to help you out, here are some choice bits of info. that will have you drinking in the sweet joys of Spring quicker than… well, hopefully by at least mid to late April.

Surf City

For the most popular Spring Break beach destinations, who better to start with than the Queen of All Social Media, Facebook! By taking note of where their users “checked in” last year around Spring Break time, our friends at Facebook were able to compile two lists for Top 10 Spring Break beach destinations: One list reflects more of a college-aged presence – those 24 and under, while the other presumes a more family-oriented destination of people 25 and beyond. The lists are below – Drum roll, please!

Thank you, now let’s check out those beaches –

All The Rage College Beaches

  1. Panama City Beach, FL
  2. Santa Monica Beach, CA
  3. South Beach, FL
  4. Gulf Shores Beach, AL
  5. Port Aransas, TX
  6. Main Beach, Santa Cruz, CA
  7. Venice Beach, CA
  8. Fort Myers Beach, FL
  9. Cocoa Beach, FL
  10. Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

Top Fun Family Oriented Beaches

1. Myrtle Beach, SC

2. Main Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

3. Santa Monica Beach, CA

4. South Beach, FL

5. Jupiter Beach, FL

6. Orange Beach, AL

7. Banana Bend Beach, TX

8. Huntington Beach, CA

9. Long Beach, CA

10. Newport Beach, CA

Speaking of beaches, Mexico has long been a part of many Spring Break Travel discussions. But is it safe? Guardianlv.com reports that many people, particularly students, are heading to Mexico for Spring Break.

Top destinations include Acapulco, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. While in recent years violence and crime have become synonymous with Mexico, the U.S. Department of State has some good news if you are considering heading south of the border.

Acapulco looks nice

First, the potential for danger varies dramatically by region. Second, the Mexican government does take measures to protect tourists. And third, neither tourists nor resort destinations have been particularly targeted by criminal organizations.

Destination-specific advice provided by The U.S. Department of State includes, “no recommendation against travel to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta”, no travel advisory for Cancun, and for those with travel plans to Acapulco, “exercise caution and stay within tourist areas.”

Unfortunately, alcohol is the biggest danger for most college-aged Spring Breakers. According to the U.S. Consulate in Mérida, the “vast majority” of accidents and bad situations students experience directly involve alcohol.

beer bong

Violence, rape, other crimes, and even death do happen. So whether state-side or Mexico, be smart, be aware, and be safe, so that you – and the families around you – can enjoy this, and many more, future Spring Break Travels.

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