‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale Spoilers: Producers Hint How It Will End For Ted

How I Met Your Mother is headed to its series finale on Monday, and while much is still up in the air as to how Ted Mosby will meet the titular mother, producers are offering fans some spoilers as to what is involved in the episode.

Monday’s finale represents nine years of investment for fans, who have heard all about the stops and starts of Ted’s love life, all leading up to him finally meeting the mother of his two kids (who at this point have been listening to the story for a really, really long time).

While fan theories abound on the internet about the How I Met Your Mother finale, including an idea that the mother is dead at the time the story is being told, producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas implied that they may be looking into it too much.

“Around Season 4 people started to think our show was a big puzzle, like a game they were supposed to solve,” Harris recalled. “But the show was never intended to be something to solve.”

Added Thomas: “It was our hope that this would become a show about the audience wanting to spend time with the cast and hearing a life story be told…. Of course there were voices that were impatient along the way. But we always felt like we had the right timing up our sleeve. We always hoped we would have a long run, and we always knew how we wanted to end it.”

While the How I Met Your Mother finale spoilers from Thomas and Bays aren’t giving too many details away, the show’s stars have implied that the conclusion will be a tear-jerker. Both Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders said they cried when they found out how the show ends.

But even if it is sad, the HIMYM finale will at least be satisfying, said director Pan Fryman.

“You’ll see what happens to everyone,” she said. “We really tried to tie up every loose ending we could think of, answer every question we’ve asked and haven’t answered. It’s just very satisfying.”

Fans who want to find out if the How I Met Your Mother finale spoilers come true can turn into CBS on Monday at 8 pm ET and see for themselves.