‘Never Say Never’, Miranda Kerr Wants To Explore Her Sexuality

Miranda Kerr Wants To Explore Sexuality

Miranda Kerr opens up and tells all in an interview with British GQ’s for their May 2014 issue. During the interview, the former Victoria’s Secret model hinted that she may be a little curious when it comes to her sexuality. According to ABC News, after splitting from Orlando Bloom, Kerr is having fun living the single life.

“I appreciate both men and women,” Kerr tells British GQ according to the Huffington Post. “I love the female body and truly appreciate the female form. I really enjoy sketching women, especially their backs. I definitely need a man in the bedroom, however –- a nice strong chest to lie on. Still, I want to explore. Never say never.”

The Huffington Post stated that since her split from Bloom, Kerr has admit that “age” has brought on more “self-assurance” in the bedroom. It’s no big surprise that Miranda Kerr, a popular model for Victoria’s Secret, would have a special appreciation of the female body and form.

I mean, being around scantily clad women on a regular basis, who wouldn’t begin to appreciate these things. And anyone who works in the design industry (such as clothing and lingerie) would have to appreciate things such as the female form in order to create the things women crave when it comes to style and design.

She continued on to tell the British magazine that she’s not afraid to admit to being attracted to women, in fact, she claims that all women find other females attractive at some point:

“I think women are beautiful – absolutely beautiful,” she said. “And I think that all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point. It’s natural to have a connectivity and an appreciation for the beauty of other women.”

Though Miranda Kerr did say she was open to exploring her sexuality, she did make sure that the publication knew that she wasn’t “easy”. According to the Huffington Post, even though Kerr says that she’s more confident about asking for things she enjoys, she says “one night stands aren’t my things.”

“Orlando and I always had great chemistry. I made Orlando wait for six months until I even kissed him.”

Though she may have kept him waiting, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t willing to please. Kerr went on to say “I always ask for a critique on my performance. I always want to better myself in every way.”

As for fan reactions to Miranda Kerr saying she’s open to both men and women, it’s been quite a mixed bag of opinions. Just check it out for yourself:

What do you think about Miranda Kerr’s confession to being open to the idea of both men and women in her sex life?

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