Will Karolina Kurkova Love Brazil As Much After This?

Duncan Riley

Since Adriana Lima is more or less off the market, Karolina Kurkova is another Angel that guys could fall back on and/or fantasize about. . . right? After her appearance at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, we're starting to wonder if that's actually the case, since she's been blasted by the Brazilian press for appearing unfit on the runway, complete with *gasp* back fat and "cellulite on her butt."

Will Kurkova be as quick to comment that she "loves Samba and the smiles of the people [in Brazil]" after she checks out a scathing article or too describing how shocked everyone was to see her at the Cia Maritima show? That's got to put a slight dent on her Sao Paulo bookings for next season.

There's always another line of thought, where the designers, I don't know, make clothes that look good on a slightly more diverse variety of women, but at the same time, swimsuit/lingerie modeling requires being in tiptop condition. What's your take on Kurkova's shape?