Jeb Bush 2016 Presidential Election Campaign Already Being Prepped By Republicans

The Jeb Bush 2016 election campaign is already being prepared by some members of the Republican Party despite the 2014 mid-term elections still being half a year away.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, other pundits think Jeb’s son, George P. Bush, might be better suited for a 2016 run, but apparently Barbara Bush would disagree:

“I say in this country, which is such a great country, there are more than three families. Then I read that ‘The Bully Pulpit’ by Doris Kearns Goodwin. She points out that in 1700, there were only three families. So maybe it’s OK. It just seems to me ridiculous in a country this size that we didn’t have other families. I mean we’ve got great governors…other people. I just don’t understand it. And maybe Jeb’s given all he should give, because he’s worked awfully hard for a long time. But he is the best qualified person in the country, there’s no question about it.”

To a certain extent it seems as if Republicans are not sure what option would be best for their chances, although they do have several years to find a worthy candidate. A RealClearPolitics surveys of Republican primary voters indicated that Jeb Bush ranks behind Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, and Paul Ryan, never mind if Hillary Clinton does run in 2016. The early polls indicated she’d beat any Republican sent her way and that was before Chris Christie suffered the backlash from the so-called bridgegate.

Harvard University’s David Gergen says that’s the main reason why Republicans are giving Jeb Bush a second look:

“I sense a boomlet about Jeb Bush is all about Chris Christie. People thought they were going to ride the Chris Christie horse and…they now think that horse may be lame and they’re looking for somebody else.”

Christie has supposedly been cleared of all wrongdoing in the scandal but the damage to his public image has already been done as far the GOP is concerned.

Speaking of perceptions, some critics think Jeb would be handicapped by the Bush family name, but if you compare President Obama’s approval numbers to George W. Bush it’s apparent that Americans are beginning to miss having “dubbya” in the White House. The hard part is apparently convincing Jeb Bush to actually start a 2016 election campaign, but apparently Mitt Romney’s major donors have been reaching out to him via meetings and phone calls.

Do you think a Jeb Bush 2016 election campaign has any chance at all for beating the Democratic candidate for President?