TNA News: AJ Styles Talks About What He Hated In TNA

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is the house that AJ Styles built, so it made total sense that the company wanted to screw him over financially and professionally, right? AJ was tired of such actions after 10 years in TNA, and left the company late last year. What did AJ Styles hate about TNA though?

Among the several things he would talk about on camera that was actually real life problems Styles expressed behind the scenes, Styles also had several other issues that seemed minuet to some but would literally tick off a man of his stature. Styles was in Nova Scotia recently and did an interview with Offset TV.

He said that he hated when TNA would cut camera angles during punches because he always felt his punches were perfect and looked real. Styles felt proud of his punches and was more than open for them to be watched from a live crowd or camera close up. However, not all TNA wrestlers were as good as AJ. This meant TNA’s productive staff simply made the decision to cut camera angles during all punches.

Styles was known for being one of the best wrestlers in the world for years, and he was proud to be known for how good he was. Styles was so good that he even trained some people, and was always helpful to the TNA roster when needed. However, one man can only take so much. This had to take a tole on him psychologically. Physically, he probably could handle the load but at the end of the day, the mind needs to be healthy. TNA was not helping this for him, so he left.

Many praised AJ’s decision to leave, as his fans always thought he was worthy enough to be given a fair shake in TNA. It seemed that TNA only gave AJ proper treatment when his contract was coming up. Once they saw he could leave, they would throw a title on his waist and give him enough to want to stick around.

Obviously, AJ Styles is not a dumb man and was wise to the moves this time around. After Jeff Jarrett departed ways with TNA, that seemed to be the last straw for Styles. Jarrett founded the company over a decade ago. When your founder jumps ship, that should speak volumes.

AJ Styles still remains a top talent in the world of wrestling, and now he is happy on the Independent scene. Some speculate that WWE might offer Styles a contract. However, do not hold your breath on that. TNA screwed up and chances are, WWE would not do so. The issue is, AJ is older and at this point in his career he could be happier and healthier on his own.