Brighten Up Your Outdoor Patio Furniture For Spring

With Spring already underway, maybe your outdoor patio furniture needs an update. Winter will soon be long behind and brightening up your patio will give a kick to your outdoor home decor and furniture while lifting your mood at the same time.

Neutral earthy toned patio furniture is easily found at basically every Lowe’s, Home Depot and Pier 1 Imports across the nation. Why? Because they go with everything. And if you want your patio furniture to blend in with the scenery, earthy tones are perfect. But why not punch up your outdoor area?

Aimee Beatty, in-house stylist at Pier 1, thinks colorful outdoor furniture is a great way to bring a little piece of you into your decor.

Incorporating pops of color with furniture and accessories adds personality and flare.”

It isn’t necessary to make every piece of furniture colorful, although that can be a great idea as well. Beatty says even one piece can make a difference.

“One new piece is a simple, budget-friendly way to make a big impact.”

Colorful patio furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Walmart has a retro chair in a bright eye-catching red for only $40. They also have a vintage looking glider chair in a mint-green and white for $190. It also comes in red and white or pale yellow and white. Bring the 50s back to your patio.

retro walmart

Why not change it up a bit? A 1960s style butterfly chair would be a nice addition to your outdoor patio furniture. It’s something that is rarely found on a patio and would serve as a great conversation piece. And who can resist that peacock themed back? This one can be found at Pier 1 for $300. It’s sold out online right now, but check back for a restock.

pier 1 2

Still not convinced? Jackie Hirchhault, marketing vice president for the American Home Furnishings Alliance is on the bright color outdoor decor train as well.

‘Vibrant color has dominated the home furnishings arena since last fall, and after an unusually cold winter, the time’s ripe for bright color to become a focus for our outdoor spaces. Color is a great energizer.”

Patio umbrellas are a practical way to incorporate color into your outdoor patio. Not only do they block out the sun’s harmful rays, they make a statement. It’s a quick change, and for not much pocket change, either. This sunny umbrella can be found on, a website devoted completely to furniture and home decor.


Playful hues set the stage this season. Impress your guests with your decor!