Emma Watson: Fashion Can Be ‘Dangerously Unhealthy’

Emma Watson: Fashion Can Be 'Dangerously Unhealthy'

For Emma Watson, fashion can be “dangerously unhealthy” if you allow their airbrushed ideals to become a model for your concept of perfection.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some are asking whether it was a “mistake” for Watson to star in the Noah movie.

Ever since the Harry Potter series Emma has been trying to run from the image of Hermoine Granger although she admits she’s like her character in regards to partying:

“I don’t like to party. The truth is that I’m genuinely a shy, socially awkward, introverted person. At a big party, I’m like Bambie in the headlights. It’s too much stimulation for me, which is why I end up going to the bathroom! I need time outs! You’ve seen me at parties, Derek. I get anxious. I’m terrible at small talk and I have a ridiculously short attention span.”

She tried to blend into universities as a mere student but the paparazzi kept hounding her.:

“After Harry Potter, all that mattered was university. It wasn’t always easy to break down barriers, as having men from the British press following me with cameras didn’t help my mission to integrate.”

Perhaps because of all the attention she’s been trying to look her best but recently she decided to highlight just how much work it takes for her to reach ideal image associated with the red carpet.

Speaking about fashion in general, she points out that she doesn’t exactly wake up looking great. She also reveals she felt a lot of pressure to conform to a certain stereotype of what a woman should look like:

“As a younger woman, that pressure got me down, but I’ve made my peace with it. With airbrushing and digital manipulation, fashion can project an unobtainable image that’s dangerously unhealthy. I’m excited about the aging process. I’m more interested in women who aren’t perfect. They’re more compelling.”

Do you agree with Emma Watson about the fashion industry?