Demi Lovato Twitter War: Kathy Griffin Explains How This Whole Thing Started

Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin recently engaged in a short battle on Twitter, a brief confrontations that found the singer’s fans sending all sorts of nasty things to the stand-up comedian.

The situation seemingly began when Griffin claimed Lovato was the “biggest douche celebrity” in the world. The original post — which mysterious disappeared from the micro-blogging site — originally featured the name “Debbie” Lovato, a mistake that Kathy blames on Siri.

To provide a clear and concise version of what transpired last week, the D-lister sat down with the folks at In addition to describing her battle with Demi Lovato and her fans as comedy gold, Kathy explained how this whole situation came about.

“Well, first of all, you know, I kind of change my mind on that every day. I mean, the genesis of the whole thing is really what’s being missed here in the story. And what I find amusing is I was playing a game with Siri, and I was actually on and I was laughing really hard,” she explained.

The comedian continued, “And then, I actually tweeted, and you can look it up, the tweet happened, like, March 25th, and I say, ‘Okay, I’ll do a Q&A, but remember I’m using Siri, so go.’ Somebody says, ‘Oh hey, have a Q&A,’ so I’m like okay, and somebody said something to the effect of who is the douchiest celebrity. And then Siri said ‘Debbie’ Lovato, so I thought it was funny, Siri thought I said ‘Debbie.'”

Griffin also explained that she didn’t delete the tweet that started her war with Demi Lovato. Although her opinion of who takes the title of douchiest celebrity changes at the drop of a hat, Kathy said she would never remove something because she thought the comment took things a little too far.

The comedian continued:

“Twitter has confirmed malfunctioning yesterday, where Twitter admitted that they deleted a whole bunch of tweets, including the infamous selfie Bradley Cooper took at the Academy Awards. So, it’s actually very important to me as a comedian to know the last thing I would do is like tweet something and then go like, ‘Oh, I went too far.’ There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to try to police myself on times when someone, a celebrity out there, may think I went too far.”

Once Demi Lovato’s fans started sending a ton of nasty, mean-spirited, and downright disturbing comments to the comedian, the singer asked everyone to back off. She also apologized to Griffin for how these people reacted. However, Kathy doesn’t have any regrets about calling out Demi on Twitter in the first place.

Are you a fan of Demi Lovato? Do you believe that fans and the media blew this situation way out of proportion?

[Image via BET]