April 16, 2017
Uma Thurman Returns In Lars Von Trier's Sex Epic 'Nymphomaniac'

Uma Thurman spoke recently to the LA Times about her new film, Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac, which is due to hit cinemas on April 4.

She kicked off by discussing how she has evolved and changed following her hiatus to have a baby: "Everything got to me so much before. I was just like a hairless cat in a snowstorm half the time. I was so thin-skinned. Anything negative people said I would latch onto," she said.

In her role in the movie, Thurman plays a puffy-eyed victim of cheating who decides to confront her husband and his mistress. She arrives at the mistress' home with her three children, and launches into a monologue which is just less than ten minutes long!

In a mix of strong emotion and dry humor, Uma Thurman asks the woman who cheated with her husband: "Would it be all right if I showed the children the whoring bed?" Turning to the kids and saying, "You should try to memorize this moment: It will stand you in good stead later in therapy. I have a hard time picturing her enjoying loneliness."

Having been off the proverbial scene for the best part of three years following the birth of her child in 2012, Thurman is making her dramatic return to our screens with the scene-stealing monologue.

She spoke about how she is finding calmness in her 40's: "I'm finally getting so much more calm than I used to be. I don't think I ever allowed myself to look forward to things. There was always anticipatory anxiety, and unfortunately, that had too much say in my reaction. But everything feels different now."

It is interesting that Uma Thurman has chosen to make her comeback to the big screen with a role in a film like Nymphomaniac (Vol:1 and Vol:2). Will you be going to see it when it hits a cinema near you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments feed below.