‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale: Which Characters Make It Out Alive?

The Walking Dead Season Finale

When it come to Walking Dead season finales, fans of the hit AMC zombie show know to expect one thing: death. And with show creator Robert Kirkman promising a shocking cliffhanger to end tonight’s finale, the question on every Walking Dead fan’s mind is: “Which character is next to die?”

[Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead]

Going back all the way to season one of The Walking Dead, the show set the tone early with gruesome deaths of beloved characters in unexpected ways. But it wasn’t until the mid-season finale in season two that The Walking Dead established itself as premiere must-see TV. After searching the entire first half of season two for Carol’s daughter Sophia, the group – and fans alike – were shocked when she was among a group of zombies locked inside Herschel’s barn all season long. The end of season two also saw lead character Rick Grimes battle his once-best friend Shane to the death, only to have Shane turn into a zombie himself and be killed again.

Last season, long time survivor Andrea took her own life with best friend Michonne by her side after she sustained a zombie bite in the season finale. And during the season four mid-season finale, Herschel was the victim of the Governor’s ruthless barrage on the prison home of our heroes. The resulting carnage also scattered the group into the hostile woods surrounding the prison where they have been desperately trying to reunite at a place called Terminus for the remainder of season four. With all factions of the gang converging on Terminus, and even some of the group already making it there alive, it seems that the poop will hit the proverbial fan in the Walking Dead‘s season finale this Sunday.

So while the cast and crew of The Walking Dead have been mum on who makes it out alive, aside from the general quotes that it will be brutal and bloody, there are many rumors abound as to who lives and who dies. Kirkman has gone on record as saying, as previously reported by the Inquistr, that no character is too popular not to die either. In a chat on Reddit recently, Kirkman went into detail about the potential end of life each character faces:

“In my opinion, I feel like characters ripen like fruit. So while I wouldn’t say the more popular a character is the more likely they are to die, they do have to reach a certain level of popularity before they’ve ‘earned’ the death. No character is too popular to die.”

Which character do you think bites the dust in Sunday’s season finale of The Walking Dead?