Megan Hilty Reveals She’s Pregnant With First Baby

Megan Hilty just announced that she and hubby Brian Gallagher are expecting their first baby.

The 33-year-old Sean Saves The World star tied the knot with Gallagher back in November last year, and the couple found out the good news that Megan was pregnant on Brian’s 34th birthday.

Megan Hilty spoke to Us Magazine about the news: “We took the test together. It was the best present he got this year — or any other year for that matter!” She revealed.

As we all know woman often get all kinds of random food cravings when they are pregnant and Megan is no exception: “[I’m craving] everything I can’t have! I want sushi, tuna fish sandwiches, coffee and champagne.”

The fantastic news was revealed by Megan Hilty via Twitter on Saturday, where she posted: “2 years ago today I met the man of my dreams and now we’re proud to announce we’re starting a family! #happybirthdaytome! @BrianGGallagher”

Megan also confirmed to reporters that no baby shopping has been done to date: “I haven’t shopped for any baby things yet. But I have found some amazing maternity dresses for the summer.”

Apparently, the couple spend many hours singing to their baby: “This baby’s gonna be really sick of our voices by the time it arrives!” said Megan.

The proud father-to-be didn’t want to be left behind by Megan and he followed up her Twitter post announcing the news with a Tweet of his own, he posted:

“Yup! Working on a new project w/ @meganhilty! It’s been in development for months now [and] is due in September! Working title: #GallagherBaby!”

Neither Megan Hilty nor Brian Gallagher have announced the sex of their baby, and it’s not yet clear to anyone whether or not they know themselves. We wish Megan an easy birth in September!