Kanye West Turns Himself Over To Los Angeles Police In Assault Case

Kanye West Los Angeles

Kanye West spent around an hour in Los Angeles custody on Thursday after turning himself in to authorities.

If you have a hard time keeping track of all the people West has attacked in recent days, then you may have forgotten about the assault that occurred last July. According to CBS News, West got into an altercation with photographer Daniel Ramos outside of Los Angeles International Airport last summer.

Fortunately for Kanye West, he won’t have to spend any time in jail for the assault. Instead of ordering the rapper to cool his jets behind bars, he’ll need to attend 24 anger management therapy sessions and complete 250 hours of community service.

West was also sentenced to two years probation, which means he’ll need to keep his temper in check for at least 24 months. If he attacks someone else during this time, Kanye could find himself spending quite a bit of time in the slammer. That’s definitely not the sort of thing a guy wants to do shortly after he ties the knot to his dream woman.

TMZ reports that Kanye turned himself in to authorities at the Hollywood Police Department. After police snagged a photograph and a set of fingerprints, the rapper was free to go about his business.

Of course, this isn’t West’s first brush with the law this year. The Inquisitr previously reported that Kanye landed in hot water after punching a guy over 30 times in the face at a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office.

Reports indiciate that the 18-year-old instigator said quite a few unfriendly things about Kim and Kanye during their visit to the doctor. As a result, Kanye lost his cool and expressed himself with a flurry of fists.

“Kim loves that her man is protecting her. Unlike [her ex-husband] Kris Humphries, whom she never felt had her back, Kim is telling people that Kanye is a real man,” an inside explained, adding that Kardashian was very “proud” of West for defending her honor.

Instead of suing the rapper for assault, the victim decided to settle the whole thing out of court. To avoid taking the case before a judge, Kanye West paid the racist teen approximately $250,000. Considering the rapper is worth millions of dollars, chances are this figure is nothing more than a drop in the financial bucket.

What do you think about Kanye West turning himself in over an 2013 assault case? Do you think the rapper has finally learned his lesson?

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