Jared Leto Flirts With Sophie Monk During Australian Radio Interview

Jared Leto apparently has no absolutely no trouble hitting on women during radio interviews.

The Dallas Buyers Club star recently headed to the wilds of Australia with his band 30 Seconds to Mars. As such, he sat down for an interview with the folks at 2DayFM during his stay. In addition to discussing his music, Leto took a moment to flirt with fellow guest Sophie Monk.

Before you label Jared Leto a womanizer and professional flirt, it’s worth noting that Monk is the person who started the guy’s engine. During the interview, the actress said she wouldn’t mind if Leto asked her out on a date.

“I was thinking about maybe you being my boyfriend, and then I thought about it and I thought… you can… like God just went you can act, you can sing, you can dress well, you’re super hot. You just got blessed… like… and I only date guys that are not as attractive as me,” Sophie told Jared.

The sexual tension didn’t stop there. Jared Leto inquired about Sophie Monk’s husky voice at one point during the interview. When the actress admitted that’s just how she talked, Leto said it was nothing short of hot. Naturally, Monk was smitten.

“Okay, I will date you! Um, anyway,” she said.

Since the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman wants everyone to feel the love, he took a moment to flirt with 2DayFM host Maz Compton during his visit to the station. According to the Daily Mail, Jared Leto made a few loving comments while receiving a massage from Compton. When Maz revealed that she’s single, the singer seemed a little shocked by the revelation.

“She’s pretty good, I gotta say. She’s got good hands. Really? I’m surprised, with those hands… She’s got a good touch, Leto remarked.

While some women swoon whenever the actor lays on the charm, others aren’t nearly as impressed with his abilities. In fact, some believe the guy is more creepy than attractive. The Inquisitr previously reported that one former model described Leto’s behavior as downright vampiric.

“He [said he] liked that I wasn’t a model anymore, but when I went to his after-party he was surrounded by a harem. All the other girls, he was liquoring them up and pouring them shots, but he wasn’t drinking so it looked kind of strange,” the anonymous beauty explained.

What do you think about Jared Leto flirting with Sophie Monk and Maz Compton during his tour through Australia?