Elle Macpherson At 50: ‘I Feel Loved And At Peace With Who I Am’

Elle Macpherson may have just hit the big 5-0, but according to her, she is happier than she has ever been in her life.

She spoke to reporters recently about life at 50, saying: “I feel loved, balanced, happy, healthy and at peace with who I am. Feeling good on the inside is more important to me now…looking good follows. My secret? Love, laughter…and my super greens,” she said.

There is no question that supermodel Elle Macpherson looks amazing for 50, and has certainly weathered the ageing process well. Last July she appeared topless on the August cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia, wearing just a pair of thigh-high, black stockings and looking awesome.

Macpherson spoke more about life at 50 and how she has become wiser in her latter years: “No one tells you this, but I’ve recognized it as I’ve grown older and wiser: wellness, beauty, strength, good moods and stability require constant maintenance and constant tweaking.”

She went on to offer some sound advice on the importance of listening to one’s body:

“You have to constantly listen to your body. You can’t sit there thinking, ‘All this used to work.’ You’re new and fresh and different every day. Resist it and it becomes really tedious. Embrace it and it’s a constant renewing process—holistic, a total intelligence. It’s about being present in your life.”

Elle Macpherson is married to billionaire property tycoon, Jeffrey Soffer, and has two sons aged 16 and 11 from her former partner Arpad Busson. When Elle and Jeffrey tied the knot last year on the tropical island of Fiji, along with just 15 guests, a source told WHO: “This is such a joyful time for Elle and Jeff. They are both thrilled.”

A family friend added: “Jeff’s really normal and a relaxed kind of person. In that way, actually, he’s almost Australian. [The family] think he’s great.”