Movie News: God's Not Dead Angering Critics And Atheists Alike

It seems that at least one of the Christian movies out currently is taking a big hit by critics and even Atheists. Kevin Sorbo, a Christian man, is involved in a Christian film called "God's Not Dead". The story is about a college student named Josh Wheaton played by Shane Harper, another real-life Christian man, who enters a Philosophy class taught by a no nonsense Philosophy Professor played by Sorbo.

God's Not Dead begins with Wheaton signing up for classes and ending up in Philosophy class all within the first 30-45 minutes. The class begins with Sorbo's character Professor Radisson coming out to say that he wants to skip the senseless debate over the idea that God exists and wants every student to write on a piece of paper three key words....God...Is...Dead. Harper's character Josh Wheaton refuses, claiming that he will not do as asked by the Professor because he is a Christian.

Of course, being the somewhat fair professor, Radisson tells the young man that if he chooses to not do as asked then he has to defend his argument in front of the class against him. Wheaton agrees to the challenge, putting Sorbo's character on the spot.

gods not dead classroom

The idea for the film is interesting. College professors all over the country tend to want to put their political or religious views out in front of their students, Whether they believe in God or not, if they are Republican or seems that the Professors must make this known.

In my former college, I had a History Professor that proclaimed his Atheism to the entire class on day one and, just like the Professor in this case, he made sure people had to rethink their idea on God by the time they left his class. Whether he was talking down about God or religion period, it was always about the idea God did not exist. Meanwhile, we as a college class could say nothing to him about it.

So not only is this type of scenario a real life option of existence, it could be going on right now at a college near you. Will things go the same type of way such as it does in God's Not Dead? Probably not.

However, some have come out to talk about the role of Sorbo, saying that there is no way that there could be enough science used in this film because, of course, spoiler alert, the God side wins.

Due to this Kevin Sorbo as well as the movie have taken heat from non-Christians. Obviously those who are will agree with the film and praise Hollywood for allowing it to be shown, using terrific actors for the roles. Yet the non-Christians are looking from it in a different case. Of course some Christians may not care for the film, there are always a few difference makers. Yet in the end, it's a heavy landslide in one direction.

While science does have a "God Factor", of which they feel they must always keep open, people will decide to believe in what they please. One cannot force them. So obviously your random atheist will probably not sit down to see this film because they know the result before even viewing it.

The movie is powerful, and Kevin Sorbo's performance as the Atheist Professor known as Professor Radisson is terrific. The role however, as well as the premise has led some to say that it's based on a lie. Those who claim it to be a lie probably should visit the nearest college as there are plenty of Atheist Professors who love to share those beliefs and this type of scenario could happen. The issue is that it would be doubtful to go down due to the PC world we live in. Of course, this is a movie. Keep that in mind.

It seems Kevin Sorbo could not catch a break when it came to the role in God's Not Dead. Some praise his performance as well as Harper's. Others have hated both as well as the entire film. The main issue among critics as well as Atheists is that science is said to not be used. Sorbo came out on Bill O'Reilly's show to say that science is indeed used to help the Professor's argument in the debate.

Pure Flix Entertainment CEO Russell Wolfe, who happens to also be one of the producers of the film, decided to try and silence critics on the film, saying:

"What the movie does is it silences [and] quiets people down in a dark room — and it takes them to a place that they won't even let their best friend take them. They're asked that question. People know more of why they believe what they believe."
Thus far, movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 22% while IMDB has given it a 4.6/10. Neither show a good side to God's Not Dead. Despite this, the movie has done around $8.56 million in it's first few days at the box office. The movie was potentially getting love from Christians across the country, but the movie Noah may take that audience away as well as add non-Christians.

While God's Not Dead will ultimately be liked by several Christian parties, it is doubtful to get as much love as Son of God or Noah. Exodus starring Christian Bale is also likely to do well for critics. The movie does take a present day side to things and has a great concept. The execution is what many do not care for, and that is understandable.