The case for censorship on YouTube in one word: Fred

If you haven’t seen Fred yet, Fred is the HOTTEST sensation on YouTube at the moment, with his videos being watched by millions of people. If Fred were a TV show in most countries, he’d be topping the ratings (scary).

So above a dose of Fred, and below some more Fred as well. I’m not sure if watching Fred induces the need for ritual suicide, computer destruction (as I want to pick my computer up and throw it out the window) or just anti-libertarianism (as in I really believe in free speech but I wish someone would censor Fred).

Bonus takeaway: these videos are either professionally produced or sponsored by ZipIt. Here’s my advice: don’t buy anything from ZipIt and tell your friends not to as well. Sponsors of pollution must die :-)

Fred Stalks Judy (over 3m views). Notice the Zipit product placement

Fred loses his meds (nearly 5m views)