Rapper Benzino Shot At His Mother's Funeral, Nephew Arrested

Nathan Francis

Rapper Benzino was shot as he drove in his mother's funeral procession in what police say was family feud turned violent.

The shooting took place on the southbound lane of Route 3 outside of Boston, causing the road to be closed while police investigated the shooting. The Duxbury Fire Department said the victim, whose real name is Raymond Scott, was dropped off at a police station with a gunshot wound and then taken to South Shore Hospital.

After rapper Benzino was shot, police arrested his nephew, Gai Scott. Police have charged him with armed assault and intent to murder, and he is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Plymouth District Court.

Police say the shooting took place during the funeral procession with the cars driving next to each other. Father William Williams, who presided over the ceremony, said there was a bloody scene when the funeral procession arrived.

"I said to one of the guys, 'There's blood on the hearse,' the clergyman told the news station.

The Duxbury Police Department released a statement about the shooting on Saturday, informing the public that a suspect had been apprehended.

— Duxbury Police (@Duxbury_Police) March 29, 2014

— Duxbury Fire PIO (@DXFD_PIO) March 29, 2014

Relatives say that rapper Benzino was shot as part of an ongoing feud with his nephew and that the two have been at odds for years.