Pharrell Williams Signs With Adidas Originals, Clothing Line On The Way

Pharrell Williams Adidas

Pharrell Williams wouldn’t mind if fans wore his clothes while jamming to his latest record.

The producer recently signed a deal with the folks at Adidas Originals to design a line of clothing. If all goes according to their master plan, then Williams and the company will unveil his collection at some point this summer.

Not surprisingly, Pharrell told Women’s Wear Daily that he’s ridiculously excited about working with Adidas on the clothing line. In his opinion, the company has all sorts of nifty technology and an excellent brand history that will make his collection beyond impressive.

If you’re worried that Pharrell Williams has too much on his plate at the moment, the singer wants you to know that everything is under control. While most people would have trouble just releasing an album, the guy apparently has no trouble juggling a number of projects at the same time.

“I’ve had my own brand for 10 years now and had a deal with another company in the past so it will not affect anything, especially since I have the right team around me to help manage these projects,” Williams recently told the publication.

He added, “Music will always be my first love and what I focus on, but I’m really appreciative to Adidas for allowing me to further develop and understand my design dreams.”

The Guardian explains that Pharrell is bringing in his company Bionic Yarn — which creates fabric from plastic found in the ocean — to help out with his Adidas Originals collection. Some of the recycled materials will ultimately find their way into the pieces he designs for the company.

But wait — isn’t Kanye West designing a few items for Adidas as well? The rapper signed up with Adidas last year after falling out with the boys and girls at Nike. The Inquisitr previously covered a rumor that West was more than a little jealous about Williams’ involvement with the company.

“They are competitive in both music and fashion, Kanye always watches what Pharrell does. He thinks having a similar artist working on their own brand for Adidas will make his collection less special,” an anonymous source told The Sun not too long ago.

Maybe this healthy competition between Pharrell Williams and Kanye West will result in more than a few amazing pieces from their respective clothing lines. Are you interested in seeing what the musicians put together for the folks at Adidas?

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