'The Wolf Of Wall Street' Sparks Interest In Stockbroker Jobs

The Wolf of Wall Street definitely paints a very unique portrait of how one stockbroker and his firm did business back in the 80s. However, it's not exactly a very accurate portrayal of what these people do on a regular basis.

Regardless, director Martin Scorsese's raunchy motion picture must have planted a seed of curiosity in the brains of several people who caught the flick in theaters. According to Business Insider, The Wolf of Wall Street caused a sudden and unexpected interest in stockbroker jobs.

The folks at the job search website Indeed.com put together a four-month study that analyzed the sort of careers people were very interested in pursuing. When they took at hard look at the collected data, the site discovered a sudden spike in stockbroker searches.

Following the release of The Wolf of Wall Street, the website saw a 79.6 percent increase in stockbroker job searches in the United States. In the United Kingdom, that figure was around 44 percent. Either way, the job definitely caused more than a few curious individuals to do a little research on the subject.

Marketwatch reports that this isn't the first time a motion picture has spurred this sort of interest in the job. Director Oliver Stone's Wall Street did pretty much the same thing back in the 1980s. When movies show folks how to make a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time, people tend to get curious.

"It is really interesting to see the effects movies and popular culture have on the job seeker. For many people the inspiration for their career choice was based on a TV or film character. In the case of 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' it seems the proof is in the data," Indeed's David Ruddick explained.

Of course, you don't have to chase a stockbroker job to live like Leonardo DiCaprio's character from The Wolf of Wall Street. All you need is a lot of cash in your bank account and the willingness to spend it on frivolous things.

Yahoo Travel points out that hardcore fans of the flick can rent the yacht seen in the movie for just $125,000 per week. For this price, Churchill Yacht Partners will give you a "fully crewed" experience on the Lady M that can accommodate up to 10 guests. The boat comes equipped with a "Jacuzzi, a cocktail bar, and custom Italian marble flooring."

Are you surprised that The Wolf of Wall Street has sparked interest in stockbroking? Do you think some people who pursue such a career are in for a rude awakening?

[Image via Paramount Pictures]