Rick Ross On Chelsea Lately: Weed, Wings, And Winning Big

Rick Ross all but charmed the pants off of Chelsea Handler Thursday night.

Despite the talk show host's history with Ross's rap nemesis 50 Cent, the Maybach Music Group MC was all smiles throughout the interview, and the two seemed to genuinely enjoy each other's company.

Handler complimented Ross just as soon as he sat down. "You smell good," she said. "What is that? Is that weed?"

It was.

Some other topics that were touched on during the interview:

Rick Ross has apparently never had hemorrhoids, and neither has Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea does not smoke marijuana, but she's fond of edibles.

They went on to discuss weed at some length. Ross admitted that he hired an assistant recently for the sole purpose of rolling joints for him.

"This chick I met," said Ross, "She actually was at a dispensary... Had beautiful green eyes, and she was just rolling them perfect. And I said 'Wow, come do that for me.'"

Brandishing a copy of The Mastermind, Chelsea admitted she liked the pink album art.

"I feel like it's more of a fuscia," Ross countered.

When the talk show host brought up the ongoing feud with rapper 50 Cent, Rozay stated he's moved on and has bigger things on his mind these days. "You know," Ross said, "I'm really through talking about dog. When I look up at the scoreboard we winning big."

It certainly seems that Ross is on quite the winning streak lately. His sixth album debuted in the number one spot on the Billboard Top 200 list earlier this month, selling 179,215 copies in its first week. Strange as it may seem, the Miami based rapper has also been recently tapped by Rolling Stone to write an advice column for their magazine, entitled 'Ask A Boss With Rick Ross'.

Additionally, Ross's side job as a chicken wing magnate seems to be taking off with the same meteoric trajectory as his rap career. Since his initial purchase of a single Wingstop franchise, Ross has picked up several locations, and revealed to Chelsea on Thursday night that he was in the process of acquiring 25 more stores.

"I love wings," Chelsea said.

Ross smiled and offered the talk show host quite a few suggestions on his new favorite subject. "You look like a lemon pepper chick.. No? Cherry lime is for you... Trust me."

Wrapping up the interview, Chelsea thanked Ross, offered him some of her green tea, a souveneir mug, or pretty much anything he wanted from the set.

"You," said Ross, grinning, "I'ma take you."