Incredibles 2: Could Jack-Jack Be The Villain In The Pixar Sequel?

The Incredibles 2 villain is still a question mark, but could the Pixar sequel feature Jack-Jack Parr as the main super villain?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, although we don’t know for certain which characters will be returning, Samuel L Jackson claims Pixar writer Brad Bird has confirmed Frozone will be back for The Incredibles 2.

The last time we saw the Parr family they were about to face off against a villain called the Underminer. Although personally I doubt Bird would use this villain as a basis for a sequel there is already Disney fan fiction which involves time travel after the Underminer somehow defeats the entire family. Bird has previously explained why he’s taking so long to produce the Incredibles sequel:

“I would like to think that I have several good ideas that could be incorporated into a next Incredibles, but I don’t have a whole movie yet, and the last thing I want to do is do it just because it would open big, or something like that. I think the reason it hasn’t [happened] yet is because the studio would like me to do it, if there were another Incredibles, and I’ve told them that I’m not really friendly to have someone else take away my child. Toy Story 2 was, to me, a perfect sequel, because it absolutely respected the first film but found new places to go without selling out its characters. So if I could come up with an idea that is to Incredibles that Toy Story 2 is to Toy Story, I would do it in a second.”

Now some people speculate that Bird could borrow elements from the comic book series called The Incredibles Family Values, which was written by Mark Waid. The comics introduced new characters and villains so it’s possible Bird may give a nod to this series through easter eggs even if he doesn’t outright borrow whole elements for a new plot.

Still, I imagine most fans mostly wants to know what has happened with the youngest child, Jack-Jack Parr. Personally, I expect this to be the focus of The Incredibles 2. The animated short released with the original movie proved that Jack-Jack has the widest range of powers and it’s possible he’s the most powerful in the Incredibles universe. As we all know by now, “with great power comes great responsibility,” but there’s also the quote that claims “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So how would the Parr family react if their super powerful son was tempted to become a villain?

Some have theorized that if Pixar goes with this angle it’s likely that a third party would be the one to lure Jack Parr to the dark side. One interesting idea weaves a story where all the villains have been defeated and super heroes can only reminiscence about the good old days of fighting crime. This leaves poor Jack-Jack with having all these amazing powers yet unable to use them in a meaningful manner, which leaves him open to being manipulated.

Even if Bird chooses to tackle another angle, it’s a foregone conclusion that an adolescent Jack has to come to terms with his abilities. The Incredibles has always been about real family struggles with super powers as the back drop, so I would assume any plot that Bird comes up with cause some sort of family conflict that any normal family could relate to. Do you think The Incredibles 2 should have Jack-Jack become a super villain?