Johnny Manziel Heir Apparent Arrested For Public Drunkeness

Johnny Manziel is NFL bound and by all accounts looked impressive at his pro-day. Manziel’s departure leaves a gaping hole behind center for his Texas A&M Aggies.

Johnny’s heir apparent is a young lad named Kenny Hill. According to most on campus, Hill has the skills to lead the team and take the mantel from Manziel. The problem appears to be that Hill might have some of the same behavior problems that followed Manziel during his years on campus.

Johnny’s potential replacement was arrested on Friday night for public intoxication and it doesn’t appear he went halfway in his recent drinking binge.

According to the Bryant College Station Eagle, Hill was discovered by police passed out in a planter full of rocks and greenery. Some are already comparing the Sophomore to Johnny precisely because they are hearkening back to the day Johnny Manziel got his own mug shot to go along with his action shots leading the Aggies to victory.

Manziel’s potential replacement at the quarterback position was either so unresponsive or unwilling to cooperate that Hill gave the police several fake names when he was quizzed about who he was.

It’s been pointed out that Johnny’s arrest was actually different, because Manziel was arrested for fighting, while his successor was simply getting too drunk to stay conscious.

The fallout for the arrest could be quite damaging for Johnny’s potential replacement as the school appears to be acting swiftly and harshly. Despite Hill showing he could play with the big boys by throwing a touchdown for Texas A&M during the only action he saw in 2013.

For their part, it appears the school is trying desperately to avoid grooming another player who has the off-field problems Johnny Manziel found himself so often. Texas A&M has indefinitely suspended the 19-year-old pending resolution of the matter.

Kenny Hill was cited for public intoxication and fined more than $400. It remains to be seen whether or not he might face more serious charges or even a spot of jail-time considering he is not yet 21-years-old.

More importantly to the quarterback and the school is this appears like a bit of a habit for signal callers for the Aggies. A&M would likely be rather pleased if this situation went away quickly if for no other reason than to get out of the public eye.

The University took several public relations beatings during the Johnny Manziel years and it had likely hoped those were over with his departure.