Austin Mahone Picked Up A Few Pointers From Taylor Swift

Austin Mahone picked up more than a few points while touring with country music darling Taylor Swift.

The “Banga Banga” singer is still relatively new to the game, though he definitely got an excellent education from one of the hardest-working talents in the business. If Mahone doesn’t pay attention to his tourmate’s wisdom, then he has only himself to blame.

During a chat with B96 in Chicago, Austin revealed that Taylor gave him a number of tips and tricks about finding success in the music industry. This reportedly includes keeping your loved ones close and putting on the sort of concerts that make people come back for more.

“She’s always told me to keep a tight circle. And always be close to my friends and family that I’ve been with since the beginning,” Mahone explained.

Austin definitely seemed impressed with the singer’s on-stage abilities. He explained, “With Taylor Swift, she puts on a two hour show. The whole thing is a story and it keeps people drawn in to it so they don’t get bored. I can definitely learn a lot from that.”

Of course, hanging out with Swift wasn’t all about the business. The Inquisitr previously reported that Austin Mahone once engaged in a food fight with Taylor while they were on tour last year.

“She’s just a super-fun, nice girl. Behind the stage she’s just super chill and likes to have fun. We had a food fight once. I threw some apples at her. We were tossing food back and forth in her dressing room and then it just turned into a food war,” Mahone said.

Swift isn’t the only person who has inspired Austin over the years. The singer said he really looks up to Chris Brown, someone he’d love to work with at some point in the very year future. Assuming, of course, that Brown can keep himself out of trouble.

“I think he’s an amazing artist. He puts on a really good show. I’m a big fan of his music, so it [the photo] was actually in L.A. at this charity event,” he told MTV News.

While it’s great that Austin Mahone picked up some pointers from Taylor Swift, fans are probably more concerned about his first full-length studio album. During a recent chat with Parade, he dropped a few hints about the upcoming release.

The singer explained:

“There are going to be about eight or nine songs on there and it’s going to come out really soon. I’m going to start the preorder soon as well. I’m really excited about that. I’m actually shooting the cover today. I feel good about my new song ‘Mmm Yeah,’ too. I hope it continues to grow on the charts and I’m seeing people like it, so that’s all that really matters.”

What do you think about Austin Mahone picking up some tips and tricks from Taylor Swift?

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