March 29, 2014
Los Angeles Earthquake: 5.1 Quake Strikes City, Felt Across Southern California

Los Angeles has been struck with an earthquake on Friday that measured a 5.1 magnitude and was felt far across southern California.

The earthquake hit at shortly after 9 pm local time. While there were no immediate reports of damage, the Los Angeles Fire Department said it was going into emergency mode to determine if there are any injuries or damaged.

The 5.3 earthquake had an epicenter one mile from Brea, California, the US Geological Survey found.

The effects of the Los Angeles earthquake were felt throughout the region. Residents in Orange County reported feeling the ground shaking, and in Disneyland guests reported that rides were shut down after the quake.

Other callers to a local radio station reported seeing a brick wall collapse during the quake. A broken water main in Fullerton, not far from the epicenter, was also blamed on the Los Angeles earthquake.

There were conflicting reports on the size of the quake. The Los Angeles Times initially reported that it was a 5.3 earthquake, while ABC News noted that it had been corrected to a 5.1 magnitude earthquake.

The Los Angeles earthquake was not the first tremor to strike Southern California. In each of the past 10 days, there has been one earthquake measuring 3.0 and greater somewhere close to the epicenter of Friday's quake.

Last week another earthquake of a 4.7 magnitude struck Los Angeles, centered 5 miles north to northwest of the Westwood neighborhood.

The 5.1 Los Angeles earthquake that struck on Friday was followed by a series of aftershocks over the next hour. It was also preceded by a foreshock that measured 3.6.