#CancelColbert Dispute Breaks Out On HuffPost Live [Video]

The #CancelColbert controversy and backlash on Twitter continues...

Writer and activist Suey Park blasted white liberals like Stephen Colbert in a contentious HuffPost Live interview this morning with host Josh Zepps.

Park, who among other things is a foe of Native American mascots, prompted the Twitter firestorm with a tweet of her own that started the #CancelColbert hashtag trending.

As The Inqusitr previously reported, given the controversy over the team name, on his show Colbert was trying to make fun of Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder for creating a foundation for Native Americans. An offensive Comedy Central tweet (now deleted) subsequently led to this ongoing social media firestorm.

In the HuffPost Live interview, Parker asserted that Asian Americans "are always a punchline" and that people -- apparently like Stephen Colbert -- should be held accountable for doing so. She insisted that "I really don't think we're going to end racism by joking about it."

She expressed particular dissatisfaction with white liberals in the #CancelColbert dispute. "I'm glad that white liberals feel like they are less racist because they can joke about people who are more explicitly racist, but that actually does nothing to help people of color…"

Added Parker: "if white liberals really cared about getting rid of the mascot, there's a lot they can do to organize or get involved besides caring about their joke."

Things got heated during the exchange when Zepps seemed to be saying that because Park didn't get Colbert's anti-Snyder satire, her opinion was "stupid."

Said Parker: "It's incredibly patronizing for you to paint these questions this way, especially as a white man I don't expect you to understand what people of color are actually saying with regards to cancelling Colbert... he has a history of making jokes... White men definitely feel they are entitled to talk over me … to minimalize my experiences …"

Parker and Zepps subsequently had a back-and-forth on Twitter, which the writer claiming HuffPost muted her and Zepps responding that she wasn't muted or silenced and instead declined to go forward with the interview.

[image credit: David Shankbone]

Watch the HuffPost Live interview with Suey Park and draw your own conclusions.