Dark Horse Comics Pits Aliens Vs. Predator Once Again, ‘Prometheus’ Comic Also In Works

Dark Horse Comics, the Portland, Orgeon, comic book publisher who only recently lost rights to the Star Wars series in comic form, has another major sci-fi film franchise in the offing for comic book readers. Two of the iconic science fiction/horror universes of 1980s popcorn cinema will come together when Dark Horse launches its upcoming series Aliens Vs. Predator.

The Aliens Vs. Predator series is part of the upcoming Dark Horse Prometheus line of comics. Just as moviegoers somehow accepted, but were puzzled by how the 2012 Ridley Scott movie connected to the Alien series, comic book readers will hope to get a clearer picture not only of how Promtheus ties to Alien, but how the Predator species gets worked in there as well.

But this is not the first time that Dark Horse has ventured into Aliens Vs. Predator territory. As far back as 1992, Dark Horse, which owned the comic book publishing rights to both characters — if the Aliens and Predators can be called “characters” — had the idea of pitting both fearsome, otherworldly monsters against one another.

The result was a lengthy series of Aliens Vs. Predator comics which even in one instance brought in yet another motion picture sci-fi blockbuster, in the comic book, Aliens Vs. Predator Vs. The Terminator.

And in an inter-company deal, a Superman and Batman Vs. Aliens and Predator also came out from Dark Horse in 2007.

So what will the new Aliens Vs. Predator series actually be about? And how does it tie in to the Prometheus world. Well, not too many details have been forthcoming from Dark Horse, or series writer Chris Sebela.

“It’s kind of hard to talk about Aliens vs. Predator without giving a lot of the fun twists and turns away, exactly how we set the stage and where it’s all leading to,” Sebela told the comic book news site Newsarama. “Suffice to say, there’s gonna be some Aliens and they’re going be versusing the heck out of some Predators.”

As for the Prometheus comic, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick who was charged by Dark Horse editor Scott Allie with leading a TV-style “writer’s room” to oversee the storylines for the Prometheus, Aliens and Predator comics, was also rather vague.

But she did reveal that the Dark Horse comic is in effect a sequel to the Prometheus film.

“This takes place after the movie. Like we’re doing the sequel, only it’s in a comic,” said the Dark Horse scribe. “The Ridley Scott universe is a super rich universe. There is stuff being developed everywhere. There’s also a video game too, that somehow fits into the chronology to all of this. We are firmly in that universe.”

Image: Dark Horse Comics / Mike Mignola