Avril Lavigne Continues Her World Tour, Stopping In Brazil Next

Avril Lavigne’s world tour enters Brazil this month! Her 2013-2014 tour has taken her through parts of North America and Asia, and is scheduled to continue through South America before grouping with the Backstreet Boys through North America once more.

In Asia, where fans adore the pop star, a stop in China proved to be too eventful for Lavigne when something spooked her mid “I’m with you”. According to reports a fan tried to climb onstage, scaring her enough to run away screaming. It’s not the first time she’s been rushed by a crazed fan. Back in August of 2001 Avril Lavigne was grabbed while performing in Brazil, at the time she’d been frightened – but continued on with her concert. It seems that it must been disturbing enough to scar the singer since on this latest occasion she had to rely on the band to finish the song for her.

Now, with the tour entering Brazil, it’s hoped that there will be no more repeats of stage rushing. Following Brazil there’ll be performances in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico before she meets up with the Backstreet Boys in the U.S.A. Avril Lavigne says she’s “excited to stay on the road and cannot wait to see all my fans across the Americas! I had such a great time with the Backstreet Boys during last fall’s radio shows, it seemed like a natural fit for me to join them on the road in the US!”

The announcement of Avril Lavigne’s joining the Backstreet Boys on tour made ripples in celebrity news since it’d been rumored that the Spice Girls were going to be the one’s joining the boy band. AJ McLean said during an interview that the band was open to the possibility to tour with Spice Girls in the future, but it won’t be in 2014.

With a new husband, a new album, and yet another world tour in the works, on Lavingne’s website she attributes her success to staying true to who she is. When asked what she would say to her 17-year-old self just getting started in the music business, she replied: “I would say just be yourself. Do what you want to do and don’t let anyone change you. Know who you are as an artist and where you want to go stylistically and stick to your guns. Fight for who you are.”

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