Benedict Cumberbatch Called A ‘Posh Boy’ By Danny Dyer, Backlash Ensues

Benedict Cumberbatch fans really aren’t the sort of people you want to irritate.

Hopefully British actor Danny Dyer has thick skin. After the Doghouse star decided to weigh in on Cumberbatch, a number of supporters crawled out of the woodwork on social media to give the guy a virtual whipping. Then again, this is precisely the sort of thing that tends to happen when you mess with an actor who has a very loyal and rabid fanbase.

During chat with Woman magazine, Dyer went on a woe-is-me rant about how he’s “rubbish” at playing the game. He theorized that middle-class actors have an easier time working the system because they have much more in common with the bigwigs who make the decisions. That’s when he decided to call out Benedict Cumberbatch.

“You’ve got actors like Benedict Cumberbatch — a great actor, but he’s a posh boy playing posh boys. He does it well, and he doesn’t get mocked for that,” Danny explained.

He continued, “I play working class people, and I get mocked for it. I’m stereotyped, he’s not. I’ve done plays at the National Theatre, come off stage and gone into the bar and I ain’t got nothing in common with those people.”

While Dyer may not care what Benedict Cumberbatch fans have to say in response to his recent interview, this didn’t stop them issuing a ton of comments and posts about the situation. In short: They’re not exactly thrilled that someone decided to refer to their favorite actor as nothing more than a “posh boy.”

Since Twitter is place where angry fans can effortlessly lash out at their adversaries, many of people decided to weigh in on the matter. Check out a few reactions to the Dyer’s Benedict Cumberbatch shade below.

The actor’s actor Danny Dyer/Dire (LOL) has slammed the class act that is Benedict Cumberbatch? Grow up man-child & stick to EE & DVD crap!

— Lee Doherty (@IrishBeast78) March 27, 2014

If Danny Dyer is desperate for attention, then there are definitely better ways to go about it. When you mess with Benedict Cumberbatch, you’re definitely not doing yourself any favors.

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