Zac Efron’s Friends Concerned After Skid Row Fight [Report]

As previously reported High School Musical star Zac Efron got into a fight on Skid Row in Los Angeles on Sunday. After numerous reports have surfaced around the fight, Efron’s concerned friends are coming forward to speak their peace about the star’s battle to stay sober.

According to Zac Efron, a fight started in the shady neighborhood when he and his bodyguard were sitting in his car. Efron decided to throw a bottle out of his car and it landed in front of a group of unsavory characters, and that’s when the fight broke out. It was revealed that Efron drove downtown in the seedy neighborhood to “get sushi.” While this is the official reason for Efron taking a trip to Skid Row, it has been noted that police usually roam the area as it’s popular for drug busts. Prior to the fight Efron has been open about his two rehab stints and his fight to stay sober.

Efron told authorities of getting punched in the mouth:

“It was the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life.”

Even though there’s no official word on what was in the bottle that Efron reportedly threw out the window, it’s said that the actor was “obviously intoxicated.”

Following the fight TMZ reports that Efron’s friends are “worried sick” about the actor, and no one believes that Efron drove to downtown in the middle of the night for sushi. Several of his friends told TMZ that Efron’s “bodyguard” is no such thing, and that he’s a convicted drug dealer who has been spending a ton of time with the star. Efron’s friends have warned the actor of the shady character but apparently he has not listened.

Even though it’s been highly publicized that Zac has attended rehab twice, his friends say that the star never went to rehab, but instead went to a friend’s house and received private therapy for an alleged cocaine habit. Despite the news of rehab stints, Efron has never publicly addressed what he went to rehab for.

According to a report the “bodyguard” told TMZ that he was stabbed in the chest, stomach, and face, and that Zac Efron saved his life. However, it sounds like law enforcement had a very different story for the site, “When they arrived at the scene the only one bleeding was Zac. The “bodyguard” was just sitting there texting away.”

So far a rep hasn’t commented on the fight that went down on Sunday.

[Image Credit: Millennium Films]