Mila Kunis Jokes About Being Almost Engaged To Channing Tatum

Mila Kunis was at Channing Tatum’s side at CinemaCon to promote their new summer blockbuster Jupiter Ascending. As expected, reporters were mostly interested in two things — one, to see if Mila Kunis would talk about her engagement to Ashton Kutcher, and two, to get a soundbite of Kunis talking about her semi-confirmed pregnancy. Since Kunis is a private person, but far from what one would call media shy, the actress seemed to have a fun time redirecting the questions of inquiring reporters.

When asked if she was engaged, Kunis turned to her co-star Channing Tatum, who is married and has a baby of his own, and asked, “Am I engaged to Channing? Channing and I love each other.” Luckily for Kunis, her co-star Channing was game to play along in response to the personal question. Tatum said, “Yeah, we’re not engaged yet, just yet.” Kunis then responded, “We’re getting in that direction though. You know, he has to meet my parents.”

“Yeah, step by step, day by day. I haven’t met the crazy Russian family yet. I’m going to bring a lot of vodka though,” said Tatum.

Mila was in agreement of Channing Tatum’s choice of beverage for her parents and even threw out a suggestion. “Yes, and cognac — both.They like both. They’re not picky.”

What a difference a year makes. Although Kunis was flashing a coy smile, her reaction to the personal question was a far cry from her denial during last year’s CinemaCon, when the actress was asked during the 2013 convention if she was dating her That 70s Show co-star. At the time she called Ashton Kutcher “a friend” after being pulled away by handlers.

As we previously reported, a source told E! that Mila Kunis is in fact expecting a baby with her fiancé Ashton Kutcher. The site also officially announced their engagement a week before the couple’s special news. The two have been dating for two years, but it hasn’t always been easy for the pair. Although Demi Moore announced her separation from Ashton Kutcher, and seemed to be lining her ducks in a row for a divorce, once Kutcher started dating his 70s Show co-star, things shifted.

Eventually Ashton Kutcher filed for divorce in December of 2012. After a long and drawn out battle over finances, with Moore reportedly refusing to agree to certain terms, the divorce was finalized in November of 2014.

Despite the rocky road it seems like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are finally settled and happy.

[Image credit: Warner Bros.]