Conservative sites call for Onion boycott over offensive veteran video

Conservative bloggers are calling for a boycott of satirical newspaper The Onion over a video that makes fun of disabled veterans.

The video titled “How Can We Make The Iraq War More Handicap Accessible?” offers a mock panel discussion centered around “moves by the Pentagon” to return any soldier with non-fatal wounds to the front line, and talks about handicapped enabled armored vehicles and facts such as you don’t need legs to fly a plane.

Right wing and milbloggers are calling for a boycott of The Onion and its sponsors over the slight, which they see as a step too far and insensitive towards disabled military veterans.

Here’s the video in question. I’m neither, nor do I know any disabled military veterans so I’m not in the best position to judge, although as is not unusual for Onion videos, its not in the best taste. What do you think?

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