Nick Cannon Reveals A Few Names From His Celebrity Sex List

Nick Cannon definitely got around before he settled down with Mariah Carey.

Since making a list of your sexual encounters is quickly becoming the hot new thing among celebrities, Cannon decided to share a few his conquests during a recent chat with Power 106. According to E! Online, Nick only dropped a total five names from his sex list. Not surprisingly, one of them is his wife.

After revealing that he lost his virginity at the age of 13 — an experience that was apparently very traumatic for the guy — Big Boy asked Nick Cannon to reveal how many celebrities he’s slept with over the years. Instead of coughing up the entire list, Cannon decided to share a few names with the world.

In addition to Carey, Nick claims to have slept with Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks, and Kim Kardashian. Of course, the people who have allegedly shared a passionate evening with Cannon could squash his claims before long.

“She’s a great girl though! Her and her family are some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met in my life,” the comedian said of Kardashian.

According to the New York Post, Mariah apparently made Nick Cannon wait until their wedding night before having sex with the guy. According to the America’s Got Talent host, real women will make a guy wait until they’ve tied the knot.

Of course, Cannon is almost positive that he’s going to catch some flack from his famous wife for discussing this stuff during the Power 106 interview. If rumors are true, then he’s already in hot water with Carey for dressing in whiteface for his upcoming album White People Party Music.

“I can hear the conversation now, ‘Why you being so crude and nasty talking to Big Boy?’ I’m gonna have to deal with that now at the house,” Cannon joked.

Mariah Carey previously said she’s isn’t too happy about the amount of information her husband casually hands out during interviews and stand-up performances. In her humble opinion, some of this stuff doesn’t need to find its way into the public domain.

“I can’t tell him don’t talk about this or that. But for me, I look at certain relationships in the public eye, and I think, ‘See that’s class, when you don’t have to talk about that relationship that much.’ I’d much prefer that he silencio, just a little bit,” the singer explained last year.

What do you think about Nick Cannon sharing a few names from his celebrity sex list? Should a gentleman never kiss and tell?