Did David Guetta Really File For Divorce From His Wife?

Did David Guetta and his wife Cathy really finalize their divorce in a French court earlier this month?

A number of news outlets — including The Inquisitr — reported that the French DJ and his wife of 24 years decided to call it quits. The news arrived almost two years after the couple decided to renew their vows. However, it would appear that a completely different story is starting to emerge.

Contradicting the news that David Guetta recently got divorced is a post from his wife on Instagram. Cathy Guetta issued the post while on tour with her better half in the United States. She also made a point to include the word “husband” in the caption, suggesting that she’s well aware of the stories making the rounds these days.

She soon followed up that comment with another pointed remark.

If that wasn’t enough to make you scratch your chin and ponder the truth behind these David Guetta rumors, then check out a report from the folks at Showbiz Spy. According to the website, reps for the DJ have flatly denied that their relationship is dead and buried.

“[There] is no divorce! No court decision! If there is no divorce, there is no official information, no public interest! According to French law, you cannot report on that private matter,” a member of David Guetta’s legal team explained.

The representative added that they intend to sue French magazine Voici, the place where the rumor apparently originated. However, the publication is apparently sticking to its tales of turmoil in the Guetta household.

A quick translation of the Voici website shows that the outlet caught wind of Cathy’s recent posts on Twitter and Instagram. However, the magazine insists that David fell in love with another woman. Unfortunately for those looking for free information, you’ll have to purchase the latest issue to get all the juicy details.

Despite what you may have read here and elsewhere, there’s a possibility that David Guetta and Cathy are still together and happy in their marriage. Since the couple has yet to officially say anything about the situation, it’s best to remain skeptical for the moment. What do you think about the rumors surrounding the French DJ and his wife?

[Image via Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com]