Emily VanCamp On Agent 13: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Is Just The Beginning

Emily VanCamp doesn't think you've seen the last of Agent 13 in the upcoming action flick Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

If you don't read the comic books, then you might not know too much about VanCamp's character. Folks who want to know as little as possible about the movie before venturing to theaters on April 4 should probably steer clear of her recent interview with MTV News. Emily spills a few beans that may ruin a few surprises. Proceed with extreme caution.

Fans of the comic books know Agent 13 as Sharon Carter. For those who need a refresher course, she's the niece of the superhero's girlfriend Peggy Carter. This explains why the pair develop a kinship pretty early on.

During her recent chat, Emily VanCamp revealed that the folks at Marvel probably aren't finished with this character just yet. As such, fans should anticipate seeing VanCamp reprise the role in future motion pictures.

"They're just planting the seeds for this character. Marvel likes to sprinkle little bits for the fans. Anyone who is a 'Captain America' fan will know that Agent 13 is Sharon Carter. The fact that Cap doesn't know that yet is very interesting, and a fun little thing for them to play with," Emily VanCamp explained.

She continued, "When we first see her, we see something in her brewing for Cap. There's a tremendous amount of respect and love for him in the comic books, but this is where that respect and switch turns on. This is where she says, 'I'm on your side.' That was very fun."

During her appearance at the 2013 Comic-Con in San Diego, Emily revealed that Captain America: The Winter Soldier doesn't spend a lot of time on the fact that Agent 13 is Sharon Carter. Apparently the folks at Marvel are saving the more in-depth storyline for a different film.

Emily VanCamp Agent 13

"We're just sort of introducing her. When we first see her we realize she's living next to Captain America we don't know why I can't really tell you why. But they sort of have a little thing going on and as we all know in the comic books they had a love affair off and on for years," VanCamp explained.

The actress added, "They had a very complicated relationship. It's almost as if they are planting the seeds now. Sort of leaving room to go wherever they want to go with it. It's fun."

Emily VanCamp fans can catch Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters around the US on April 4. Are you planning to catch the film on the big screen?

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