Tara Reid Kissed Tom Brady: How Is That A ‘Fling’?

Tara Reid kissed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over ten years ago,


How did such earth-shattering news get to be a hot trend on Yahoo?

The 38-year-old actress made this astounding announcement in Australia on the Kyle And Jackie O breakfast show on station KIIS 1065. There was a segment on the show called “60 Seconds Of Kiss,” in which the hosts reeled off a list of famous names and asked Tara whether she had ever kissed them – or would want to.

Co-host Jackie O’ Henderson mentioned Tom Brady’s name, and Reid answered: “Have kissed,” adding: “He’s pretty good looking.”

This confirms rumors that were floating about in 2002, after Tara ‘s success in American Pie.

She also spoke about how many Hollywood flings happen, saying romance is inevitable on movie sets, “when you’re with someone all day, every day on location…a lot of actors hookup with each other.”

But she denied kissing American Pie co-star Jason Biggs.

When the other host, Kyle, pointed out that he’s worked with Jackie O for 13 years without any romance, Reid said “you guys don’t play boyfriend and girlfriend, kiss each other all day, and have love scenes.”

At the moment the Sharknado actress is “with” musician Erez Eisen, but she denied rumors of an impending engagement, which were triggered by photos of Reid walking about with a rock on her finger.

It appears that the ring was just a movie prop that she had kept and worn so that she would not forget it. Tara then joked, “I’m still available boys!”

There is no information as to whether boyfriend Eisen shared the joke…..

Reid is now in Queensland with Australian strongman Nathan Jones, shooting a horror film called Charlie’s Farm, which is due for release in 2015.

Referring to her role in Sharknado, Tara said. ” We did that movie as a spoof and just have fun on it…we thought nobody would see it…all of a sudden we’re getting 5000 tweets per minute, thinking what is happening?”

Tom Brady moved on, and replaced Tara’s kisses with those of model Bridget Moynahan. Well, actually, they must done a bit more than kiss because – in true Hollywood Style – Bridget gave birth to their son, John, a few months after their relationship ended.

Now he is married to top supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and they have two children together.

So, the whole story is that Tara Reid once kissed Tom Brady a few times, and that is what other media sources have described as a “fling.”

What would she have to do to get an upgrade to an “affair”!