Britney Spears In Red-Hot Blue Bikini Selfie, Wishes Fans ‘Aloha From Hawall’ [Photos]

Britney Spears is evidently quite proud of her recently resculpted physique, which is probably the result of an intense performance schedule in her two-year residency at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood. The demanding Piece of Me show has clearly helped her sweat off any excess poundage, and keep it off.

The “Toxic” songstress first flaunted her new bikini body last September just before the release of her single and accompanying video “Work Bitch.” Britney said that the photo, posted to her Twitter account, was taken on the set of the video.

And who could forget the results of Britney’s own work on herself.

Britey Spears bikini body September

This week, on a break from her Vegas extravaganza, Britney Spears took her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, who are eight and seven respectively, with her on a Hawaiian vacation. Both boys were fathered by Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline.

But on this holiday, Britney Spears took along her latest beau, the down-to-earth regular guy David Lucado. He’s nobody famous — well, he is now — but Britney seems to like it that way. Judging by this bikini shot, tweeted out Thursday, Britney Spears, who will turn 33 later this year, appears to be a happy lady.

Britney Spears in blue bikini

And in the photo seen at the top of this story, also posted on her Twitter account Thursday, she, the BF and the kids are clearly having a great time on the beach.

The photos appeared on the Britney Spears Twitter account with the simple message from Britney, “Aloha from Hawaii!”

But who is David Lucado, you may ask? At 27 years old, the Virginia native is five years Britney’s junior and he reportedly works in a Los Angeles law firm. Britney, who has been seeing Lucado for just under a year, met him at a party and the chemistry between them was “instant,” Britney told Ellen Degeneres back in December.

But asked by the playfully prying talk show host if she spent the night with Lucado after meeting him at that party, Britney protested.

“No! I didn’t spend the night, no,” said Britney.

“The next day?” Ellen demanded. But Britney Spears swears she did not sleep over with Lucado that early on.